Sunday, September 7, 2014

REVIEW: Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder in Banana

Today, I'm going to be reviewing one of my most favorite products ever! I never thought it was my type of thing, but after using it these past couple of months, I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised. 


Ben Nye's Bella Luxury Powders give you more than enough reason to go bananas for these silky- fine mattifying translucent setting powders! With just a hint of color, you won't miss the white cast in your photos, that often comes with other finishing powders. Gracing your kit in 4 luxurious tints, there's a Bella beautiful shade for everyone! See what all the buzz is about with just a light dusting of Banana. Does your foundation always seem to pull pink on your otherwise warm- toned complexion? The versatile Banana shade suits just about every skin tone as it softly and subtly color corrects surface redness and pink undertones, as well as neutralizes bluish undereye circles. You'll be hard pressed to find a client these powders won't look flawless on! Each one is specially formulated to absorb excess oil and soften the appearance of pores and texture. Enhance your fair- skinned, youthful glow with Cameo, balance out light to medium skin tones with Buff and warm up tan to deeper skin tones with Beige Suede. With more product for the price, it's as beautiful on your wallet as it is on your skin! 


Phew! That was a LONG description! I've gotten tired just typing it up! Are all the claims in this huge description true? You're just about to find out. 

I got the dome jar of the Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder in Banana. They come in various sizes which I think it pretty cool. The dome jar is a very nice size and it comes with a lot of product. The packaging is very sturdy and standard, the only issue I have with it is that it doesn't come with a sifter so if you're not careful, you can easily spill all of the product and that is one mess that you're going to spend a long time cleaning up. 

I bought this a couple months ago when I was all into that Kimmy K highlight craze, pretty much like everyone and their moms. Her show isn't one that I like to watch, but I just think her makeup is absolutely flawless! She has the perfect everything! When I was researching her signature look, this baby kept popping up everywhere and that's when I knew I had to try it. 

I am medium skin toned (think MAC NC 30-35) although I do tan very easily and when I do, my undereye concealer can look pretty ashy. Since I have deepset eyes, I do get creases in my concealer very easily so I always need to set it with a powder. I'm not into that ashy, wrinkly eyed look so I try my best to cover it up. This little baby takes care of everything! When I use the Banana powder to set my under eye concealer, I'm transformed from a tired raccoon- eyed person to a bright- eyed, healthy girl! No exaggeration, it instantly brightens up my eye area, prevents my concealer from creasing and it takes away the ashiness that can happen under my eyes sometimes. Can I say lifesaver much? 

I should also add that I have pretty bad dark circles from lack of sleep and bad genes (thanks Ma). Due to this factor, no matter how much pigmented concealer I pile on, my dark circles aren't completely hidden. The Banana powder has been really helpful with this because it immediately brightens up and covers my under eye circles pretty well! 

Since the Banana powder has a yellow tone to it, I believe it's the most perfect powder for people with medium skin tone with yellow/ olive undertones. For people with pink/ red tones and fairer or darker skin, I think you'd have better luck trying a different color.  

Talc is one of the main ingredients in this product, so people who stay away from it should also keep their distance from this too. 

Priced at CAD $13.06 a pop for the dome jar, the Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder in Banana is something that I can't live without now. It's pretty easy on the wallet, it lasts for ages, oh and did I mention how amazing it is?! If you haven't tried this product, than what are you still doing here? Go! Try the Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powders right now! 



  1. Really a helpful post :) n Im tempted!!!

  2. Beautiful. I've heard it's great for highlight. Nice review girl.

  3. Such an informative post and i really want this powder after your review even more :)