Saturday, January 25, 2014


Some of you might know that I've been on a sort of "hair growth journey" for the past two years and I've taken a lot of vitamins to help with that, folic acid being one of them. Keep on reading to find out whether folic acid did help with my hair growth. 

After doing loads of research on hair growth vitamins, I decided to try out folic acid because a lot of people claimed that it yielded good results for them. When I started taking folic acid (in combination with other vitamins), my hair was up to my shoulders. Now, 2 years later, my hair is just above my belly button. My hair has always grown very slowly and I believe that these vitamins did help with my hair growth. 

Folic acid isn't only beneficial for your hair. It has many other benefits as well. One of the reasons why folic acid is so popular is because of it's ability to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus, when taken by the mother during pregnancy. It's also more effective in preventing certain birth defects if taken before conception. Folic acid has also been associated with preventing colon, esophageal, stomach and pancreatic cancer. Lower levels of folic acid have been linked with higher levels of homocysteine, which is in turn linked to stroke, osteoporosis, blood vessel disease, cervical cancer, mascular degeneration and more.  


There are also several side effects of taking large amounts of folic acid. The biggest side effect is that high dosages of folic acid can mask the deficiency of vitamin B12, which is essential for good health. This can be very dangerous as a deficiency of vitamin B12 poses several negative impacts on health. 

The reason I took supplements of folic acid is because I wanted to try to grow my hair. I naturally have an iron deficiency in my body, so it is necessary for me to take folic acid every day anyway. When I started taking this particular vitamin, I did notice a slight increase in the rate of growth of my hair, although I did take it in conjunction with other supplements such as Biotin and Fish Oils. I took about 400 mcg every single day for 2 years straight. I have recently stopped taking folic acid by itself because I'm now using a hair, skin and nails supplement which already contains a fairly good dosage of folic acid. 

So yes, I can safely conclude that folic acid definitely did help with my hair growth when I took it with other supplements. Now, before you run out and buy some folic acid, I highly suggest you do your research as to whether you should take this supplement or not. Chances are, you might already be taking enough of this vitamin through your diet and taking supplements would just put you at risk for the side effects of folic acid. 

I hope this post helped you gain some sort of insight into what folic acid is and how it's affected me. Do you take any nutritional supplements? 

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DISCLAIMER: This is just my own personal experience with this product. I can not guarantee how it will effect you. With this post, I just hope that you can get a complete idea on what this product is and it's pros and cons. I am in no way endorsing this product or recommending it to you. 



  1. Im kind of drabbling into the world of supplements, your posts really help. My hair growth ismt too slow so i should have stomach length hair by the end of the year, i currently have hair till my shoulders.

    1. Aww, I'm glad they help! I think long hair is just so gorgeous and feminine. Good luck on your hair growth journey. :) x

  2. I read your blogs regularly and I must say they are helpful. I was looking for something really effective to improve the growth of my hair. Thanks for sharing this useful information about folic acid. And I do take nutritional supplements.