Wednesday, October 16, 2013

REVIEW: Facebook Store Makeup & Accessories

WOW! It's been a really long time since I've reviewed a store! I'm really excited today to be able to review hands down, my favorite online facebook so far. It is called Makeup & Accessories

Makeup & Accessories is a fairly new online facebook store which deals with both high end and drugstore makeup and beauty products at reasonable prices. I think for me, when I'm ordering something through a third party, I always look for the most cheapest/ reasonable prices. The dollar value is already so high, and when online stores decide to amp up their own profits, things can get REALLY expensive. I know for a fact that the profit that this particular facebook store keeps for themselves is quite low, so that us customers can have reasonably priced products available. I like to compare prices of certain things that I'm interested in before I buy them and I can honestly say, Makeup & Accessories almost always has the cheapest prices. 

This facebook store's customer service is also wonderful. It can take some time to receive replies to queries, but it's not like you won't ever receive a reply. I imagine the owner is also busy with her own personal life, so when sending a query, be patient! You will always receive a reply in a day, max. 

Another thing I'm pleased with is the speedy delivery. Now, you all know I LOVE getting things as soon as I order them, which is quite impossible really, but receiving my packages in a day or two when I order something in stock is something I'm actually happy with. Makeup & Accessories is based in the same city as where I live, so I imagine that people in different cities might have to wait two (or three days at max) longer, but that is nothing compared to the amazing service you are getting. The owner is also one of sweetest people you can ever deal with. 

Furthermore, all of their products are genuine and authentic, so you don't need to worry about knock offs and fake stuff, unless otherwise stated by them. 

All in all, I am super happy with this facebook store! I think this will probably be my go to online shopping store for a while, if not forever. If you really, really like reasonable prices while shopping online, then I highly suggest checking out Makeup & Accessories

Have you ever purchased anything from Makeup & Accessories? How was your experience with them? 

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