Tuesday, October 29, 2013

FASHION TREND: Autumn/ Winter 2013

I'm really excited for winter 2013! It's been a very hot summer and for some reason, we never got an autumn here in Pakistan. I just can't wait for winter to begin, it's such a fun season! 

Today, I'm going to share some current fall and winter fashion trends. 

PLAID: Wearing plaid is all the rage this winter! Make sure you invest in some tartan, as it is really wearable and very popular this season. You could layer it up or even dress it down.

CAMOUFLAGE: Wearing camouflage prints, especially blue camouflage is something to be seen in this season. 

OVERSIZED COATS: Although this may not be suitable for everyday wear, oversized coats are all the rage now. You can tell how popular they are just by looking at how much they've been seen on some of the most highend runways. 

MINI BAGS: Gone are the days when the runways were seen cramped with oversized bags. Now, mini bags are in. Although they are a bit impractical, they are just so cute! 

COLORS FOR AUTUMN/ WINTER 2013: Some of the most fashionable colors this season include pink, black, purple, red, emerald, pastels and grey. Almost every fashion show for fall and winter has been loaded with these colors. 

Hope you enjoyed this little post on some of the fashion trends for autumn and winter 2013. 

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