Thursday, September 5, 2013

REVIEW: Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick

Hiya! Today, I'm going to be reviewing the Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick in 09 Pink Blush.

WHAT IT CLAIMS: Ultra soft texture, provides feeling of lightness and absolute comfort. Luminous and excellent color payoff. Velvety finish with vitamin E and anti- aging properties. Available in 30 shades. 

WHAT I THINK ABOUT IT: Diana of London is quite a common and affordable brand here in Pakistan. They released their Pure Addiction lipsticks a while ago and I only just got it now. 

The packaging is nice, it definitely does not look cheap. I love the colored lid, however it would have been more useful if it were transparent instead so we could look at the real color of the lipstick easily. The sticker at the bottom matches the color of the lipstick itself quite accurately. 

Texture wise, the lipstick is really nice and creamy. The color I got, 09 Pink Blush, is a really beautiful nude, pink color leaning on the pinker side. It has some slight shimmer to it, but it's not really too noticeable on the lips. This lipstick glides on easily on my lips and two to three swipes make the color fully opaque. It doesn't dry out my lips and is in fact, moisturizing. Not as moisturizing as say, the Revlon lip butters, but it does a pretty decent job of retaining the moisture in my lips.


Unfortunately, due to the creaminess of the product, the weartime isn't very long. It lasts on my lips for about 1- 2 hours maximum after which it needs to be reapplied. I personally don't mind doing that at times but, it can bother some people, especially if you're expecting it to last throughout the night. 

The lipstick has a slight lipstick-y scent, but it's not noticable once applied on the lips. 

PRICE AND AMOUNT: This is priced at 750 PKR. I couldn't find how much product is in a single tube of lipstick, sorry! 


                                        BARE LIPS                                       LIPSTICK SWATCH

AVAILABILITY: The Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick is widely available at all leading superstores in Pakistan. People outside of Pakistan can check out ebay or amazon


-It is really inexpensive 

-It comes in a huge variety of shades 

-The lipstick is nice and creamy 

-It doesn't dry out your lips 

-It is easily available 

-The packaging is nice and sturdy 

-It is fairly pigmented


-It's not long lasting 

-The scent of the lipstick might bother some people 

-You expect it to be more moisturizing 

OVERALL VIEW: Amazing color, amazing texture, amazing price, what's not to love about this lipstick?! My only gripe about this product is the lasting power, but given all of it's pros, I really can't complain! Have you tried the Diana of London Pure Addiction lipsticks? What do you think about them? 

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  1. pretty color :) i might give it a try