Wednesday, August 21, 2013

REVIEW: Catrice Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder

Setting powders are a life saver for us combination to oily skinned people. They are extremely helpful in saving us from becoming an oily mess as the day goes on. My sister and I stumbled upon this item while we were out shopping one day. It was merely a coincidence, but I'm glad we decided to buy this product. Keep on reading for a full review. 

 WHAT IT CLAIMS: Translucent loose powder for a long lasting matte- effect and a fixed foundation, without drying out the skin. Result: an even, velvety- matte but radiant complexion. 

WHAT I THINK ABOUT IT: When I saw this powder, it immediately reminded me of the Makeup Forever HD powder. I've always wanted to try that out but never really got a chance to because it is quite on the pricey side. The sales assistant at the shop we went to recommend this to us for our combination to oily skin.


The powder comes in a black twist open jar. The black lid is prone to scratching and that's not something I'm too fond of as it can look quite dirty. I also don't like that the powder is loose because it can end up getting quite messy during application. 

The claims are only partially true. The powder does mattify my skin, but it doesn't do so for a long time. I'd say it lasts for about 3- 4 hours before I need to touch- up. It did control the oil for a decent amount of time, but I suspect that on people with oilier skin, it probably won't last as long. It also didn't dry out my skin, which some other powders are notorious for doing. 

The powder is very finely milled and therefore, it blends beautifully. It doesn't make my skin look overly matte or cakey and that is something I love. However, since this is a translucent powder, be aware that if you apply too much, you might end up with a white cast on your face. This also makes it quite superfluous during flash photography. 

PRICE AND AMOUNT: I got this for 1000 PKR and it contains 11 grams or 0.38 oz of product. 

AVAILABILITY: I got this from Farid's Pharmacy in Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi. You can also find this from various other Catrice Cosmetics counters and even purchase this from


-It is inexpensive 

-It is a good alternative to other pricey loose powders 

-It sets your foundation for a decent amount of time 

-It blends really well into the skin

-It is finely milled 

-The powder does not look cakey on the skin 

-It does not make your skin overly matte 


-It doesn't set your foundation for longer periods of time 

-The packaging is prone to scratching and therefore it is really unattractive 

-It can give you a white cast if applied too much 

-The powder gives you a white cast during flash photography 

-It can get quite messy during application 

OVERALL VIEW: This is a decent, budget- friendly loose powder. There are definitely better alternatives out there, which I will be looking into soon, but for now, I'm actually quite fond of this powder. Have you used the Catrice Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder before? What do you think of it? 

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  1. thanks for the great review. I'll keep this powder in mind next time I work with oily-skin.