Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eye Shapes 101

Knowing your eye shape is pretty important when it comes to makeup. The point of makeup is to cover up any imperfections and to enhance our best features. Eyes are probably one of the most sexiest feature on a person's face, if they're played right. Luckily, that's where makeup comes in! However, to properly apply makeup that compliments your eyes, you first need to know your particular eye shape. Hopefully, this post will help you determine just that.

ALMOND EYES: These are pretty standard eyes. The eyes are shaped like almonds and this is considered to be the most ideal eye shape. Since they are so straightforward, it is pretty easy to spot almond eyes- they're shaped like almonds. People with almond eyes are Catherine Zeta Jones, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Garner and Natalie Portman.  


DEEP SET EYES: Deep set eyes are large and set deep into the skull with a small mobile lid. This makes it appear as if you have a more prominent brow bone. To know if you have deep set eyes, place a finger from your eyebrow to your cheekbone. If your eyes stay open while doing that, then you have deep set eyes. Some celebrities with deep set eyes include Megan Fox, Taylor Swift, Miranda Kerr and Cameron Diaz. I also have deep set eyes myself. 


WIDE SET EYES: Eyes are considered to be wide set if they are more than one eyeball width apart. This gives the appearance of a more youthful face. To know if you have wide set eyes, stand in front of a well lit mirror and focus or measure the space between your eyes. If it is wider than the width of one eye, then you have wide set eyes. Some celebrities with wide set eyes are Jessica Alba, Kate Moss, Amanda Seyfried and Michelle Pfeiffer. 


MONOLID EYES: Monolid eyes are on a flat surface and barely have any crease with a less defined brow bone. These eyes are more almond shaped than round. To find out if you have monolided eyes, just feel around your lid and brow bone area. You have monolids if you barely have a crease and can't feel much of your brow bone. Sandra Oh is an example of someone with monolided eyes. 


CLOSE SET EYES: Close set eyes are generally more closer together than other eye shapes. Eyes which are narrower than one eye are considered as close set eyes. These people usually also have slender noses as well. To know if you have close set eyes, focus on the space between your eyes. If it is less than the width of one eyeball, then you have close set eyes. People with close set eyes include Rachel Bilson, Kate Winslet, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Aniston. 


HOODED EYES: These type of eyes have a fold of skin which droops over the crease. Consequently, the lids appear smaller. This usually happens with age, but some people also have naturally hooded eyes. Focus on your eyes in front of a mirror. If you can't see any or most of your eyelid, then you have hooded eyes. Selena Gomez, Blake Lively and Malin Akerman are some examples of people with hooded eyes. 


DOWNTURNED EYES: The outer corners of downturned eyes are slightly droopy. These type of eyes are perfect for creating the winged eyeliner look! To see if you have downturned eyes, focus on the bottom part of your eyes. If it is slightly droopy at the outer corners, then you have downturned eyes. Celebrities with downturned eyes are Camille Belle, Marilyn Monroe and Eva Green. 


UPTURNED EYES: Upturned eyes are the opposite of downturned eyes. This means that the there is a natural lift at the outer corner, making the lower lid look longer than the top lid. Upturned eyes are very similar to almond eyes. Check if you have upturned eyes by focusing on the lower part of your eyes. If it is slightly lifted at the outer corners, then you have upturned eyes. Some famous people with upturned eyes include Tiffany Hines and Angelina Jolie. 


PROTRUDING EYES: Protruding eyes are usually large, round and quite prominent. The eye lids are also quite large. To see if you have protruding eyes, check and see if there is a bulge that runs from the socket to the lash line of your eyes. If you do, then you have protruding eyes. Celebrities with protruding eyes include Sophie Dahl, Stella McCartney and Susan Saradon. 


So, that's it for the different types of eye shapes. I really hope this post helped you figure out what your eye shape is. I will be doing a similar post in which I mention the different makeup techniques to compliment your eyes. What shape are your eyes? 

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  1. oooh good post! Hmm...I think I have protruding eyes, actually! Either that, or they're almond....good question...

    1. I find protruding eyes really gorgeous! And ofcourse, almond eyes are the most ideal eyes ever. I personally have deep set eyes myself. Hope this post helped you! :) x

  2. Hey, we have nominated/tagged you for the liebster award because we love your blog. You can find out rules etc here, but obviously you don't have to do it but it is a fun thing to do!

    Love and kisses from Laura and Rona x


    1. Oh, wow! Thank you! It really does look fun. :) x

  3. mine are hooded hate wearing any eyeshadow it covers my crease kind of chinese look some time lol.

    1. Mine are deepset and eye shadow barely shows on my eyes too. lol

  4. Very gooood post.

  5. I have protruding eyes and i really hate it. Im so not comfortable with my eyes anyway thank you for the good post

  6. I talked to a well known artist, he said that in the beginning, he loved being famous, but now he is tired of it and would like to go back to his freedom.

  7. Mine are deep set and somewhat hooded. And I can't see eye shadow on my eyelids too unless I close them :D