Tuesday, July 23, 2013

REVIEW: Facebook Store BeautyInBudget4U

Hello, my lovely people. I hope you're all well. I've got a pretty unique review for you guys today. It's on an online facebook store called BeautyInBudget4U

In Pakistan, it's quite hard to find more high- end brands and the products that we do find sometimes end up being fake. It's a very frustrating thing and it might have gotten some of us beauty lovers ready to pull our hair out from agony of not having such products available to us. 

However, then came a string of online shopping stores ready to cater to our needs and one such store is BeautyInBudget4U which is a facebook based online store. I was very happy that I came across this store and I have been a loyal customer to them since. BeautyInBudget4U is just like many of the other facebook based online shopping stores. But, what is different about them, you may ask. 

Well, for starters, there are some products that are only exclusively available in BeautyInBudget4U. You definitely can't find brands like Jordana, Macadamia Oil, Wet n Wild or Hard Candy etc in many other online shopping stores/ websites. I've actually bought the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque (you can check out my review on it here) and the Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color (you can see my review on it here) from this particular facebook store. 

All the things that I've purchased from BeautyInBudget4U have always been in tiptop shape. There have been no cases of products being damaged or used and they've always been original. I know people, especially in Pakistan, are really cautious of shopping online because they feel that products mighr be fake or things are overpriced, but that's really not the case here. 

Also, you can always count on speedy delivery from BeautyInBudget4U. There has never been a time when I was getting impatient because I hadn't recieved what I ordered. My packages always reached me in a couple of days. Speedy delivery makes me ecstatic because when I order something online, I really want it to reach me as soon as possible because I just really want to try it out! 

Furthermore, the people from BeautyInBudget4U are lovely and they are just so helpful. They always want to make sure that I get the best product for myself, and so they have never recommended a product that wasn't suitable for me. They are just extremely caring and I always have a delightful experience shopping with them. 

Well, that's all I really have to say for today. I hope you enjoyed my review. If you're interested in purchasing something from BeautyInBudget4U, then just click here. I hope you all have a pleasant shopping experience with them, I know I always do! 

Have you ever purchased anything from BeautyInBudget4U? What did you think of them? Don't forget to comment and subsribe!

DISCLAIMER: This review is my personal view and my personal shopping experience with BeautyInBudget4U. I was in no way paid to do this review. 



  1. To be honestly, i have shopping experienced with them, and i found them excellent, very cooperative. :)

    1. I agree! I especially love how fast they deliver your orders. x

  2. My shopping experience was bad with them :/. My elf blushon was also broken :( and there prices are extremely high

    1. To be honest, now I find their prices to be high as well. I still love their speedy delivery service, but I don't think that's enough for me to keep on purchasing reguarly from them. At the time I wrote this review, this store was one of the only ones that I purchased things from. Their customer service is still awesome, though! :) x